The Advocacy Center offers women, parents, and families free classes and material assistance. Our aim is to instill hope as we light the way toward transformation through Christ. Empowering individuals and families since 2008.

Vision: We believe that families can come together, and transformation can happen at our Center through kindness, Christian principles, and proper guidance.  As a non-profit organization, we strive to strengthen our community through the women and their families in it.  With community support, we provide material assistance and free educational classes on a weekly basis to clientele.  Our faithful staff educates, guides, and aids women. We hope to equip them to live out their God-given purposes.  (John 1:9)

Meet our Staff & Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Jennifer is a local family business owner as well as an exemplary volunteer. She describes her volunteer work and service to others as a great way to give and receive joy. Jennifer has a family of three beautiful children and a wonderful husband (her words!). She works often, but when able she enjoys hiking in the mountains and finding locations steeped in history.  While she uses her skills in administration, human resources, accounting, and community work she shares and cares for members of the Sumter community she grew up in. She does this by giving to women she knows and those she doesn’t. In turn, she speaks volumes about our mission and shines a light on God and His good and perfect gifts. Jennifer describes God as the One who is her teacher, advocate, advisor, friend, and most importantly Lord and Savior.


Landy is a happily married mom of four boys and a corporate home school teacher and administrator. She has made a career out of homeschooling all four of her children, teaching, mentoring, and advising her local homeschool co-op. Landy has also been president of the Officer Spouses Club and chair of the organization’s scholarship committee.  When she taught high school, she worked with students who at a young age became pregnant and were unwed. She saw these women needed kindness, clarity, and discernment above anything else being taught in schools. She wanted to be and has become, a mentor and voice in the lives of those who need counsel and direction by sharing the gospel message with them. Along with her role at the center, Landy ministers her talents decorating as an event setup coordinator and co-teaches a ‘College and Careers’ Sunday school class at her local church.


Melissa is a wife and mother who cares about the Sumter community. She is involved in her church, Bible study, and women’s activities in Sumter. She has a heart for foster care and adoption, as well. She has invested many years in volunteering in family ministries and continues to help our neighborhood thrive by investing in the lives of Sumter families. She has seen lives changed through the work of Jesus, including her own.

Sharon Gould, Founding Mission Director

Tony and I have been married for 64 years and have three children and 10 grandchildren and are expecting our first great-grandchild. We pastored churches in the US for 32 years and I was involved in many departments of the church, especially music, hospitality, and Bible studies. We went to South Africa in 1990 and served there for 18 years. My main ministry was as a librarian in a Bible college. I have been involved in the Advocacy Center since its inception in 2008, serving on the board, as office helper and Treasurer. It has been a joy to be part of a ministry that helped many girls and families in parental education, counseling, and becoming parents that make a difference in our world. It was fulfilling to see many girls choose life instead of abortion. It has been a joy to see many of our churches in the Sumter area involved in this ministry and being part of our fundraisers. The Lord has always provided all that we need to continue this ministry. Though I am now retired, please consider partnering with or volunteering for the center it is such a humbling and worthy experience.

Nikki Combs-Gifford, Administrative Director

My name is Nikki Gifford and I have been the Administrative Director of the Advocacy Center since May 2022. I am a single mom of an 8-year-old little boy name MJ. I have worked with kids all my life, starting at a young age babysitting to working in the nursery at a local private school. I have always had a special place in my heart for the Advocacy Center and for helping families in need. 

Katie Getz, Executive Director

Katie is the Executive Director of the AC and has been since 2020. She transitioned into the role of director and the non-profit sector after working for 15-plus years across the country and internationally as a teacher, translator, NP associate, and mom. Her work as director of operations at home with three children and a husband is where she considers herself most privileged. However, she did graduate from Clemson University in 2002 with a degree in Early Childhood Education and has moved over 25 times in her life with her military families (growing up and married in). She very much enjoys settling in Sumter as home now and traveling for vacation. She also enjoys doing her volunteer work as staff for the center. Her favorite is sharing knowledge and experience as executive director in the home, her love of scripture, and God’s purpose with the new moms at the center. Katie considers her work with moms and families of Sumter a high honor and a huge passion of hers. 


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