Newborn Class Schedule

March 7 – April 25, 2023

Tuesdays 11:30- 1pm* Baby Shower is 11a-12:30pm

Tuesday, March 7      Session 1

  1. Bright Course Prenatal Care DVD (18mins)
  2. Your Baby’s Secret World – 3.3

3. BC Your First Trimester (29mins)

*Hospital Checklist and The First 9mos handouts

Tuesday, March 14    Session 2

  1. BC Your Second Trimester (25mins)
  2. BC Your Ultrasound Appointment (18mins)

3.  BC Mommy Nutrition (22mins)

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Tuesdays, March 21  Session 3

  1. BC Your Third Trimester (26mins)
  2.  BC Labor and Delivery: Getting Ready (23mins)
  3.  BC Taking Care of Yourself After Childbirth (30mins)

Tuesday, March 28    Session 4

  1. The Baby Manual DVD (Disc 1):

            Baby Gear, #2 and Getting Home, #3

  • BC Simple Infant Care (20mins)
  • SIUD/Nurse-Family Partnership visit or BM DVD (Disc 2 #9) Infant CPR and First Aid

            *Infant Hygiene is also supplemental to the above videos (24mins)

            **Nursery Items Checklist Handout

Tuesday, April 4        Session 5

            1.  The Baby Manual DVD (Disc 1) Breastfeeding, #5 and Formula Feeding, #6

*Simply Breastfeeding with Shari Cristo DVD is an optional enrichment to the breastfeeding video above (~1hr 55mins)

            2.  BC Infant Expectations (20mins)

*BC Infant Nutrition (22mins), Bonding with Your Unborn Baby (19mins), and BC Infant Temperament (21mins) are also supplemental to the above videos


Tuesday, April 18      Session 6

  1.  BC Getting Your Baby to Sleep (18mins)
  2.  BC Crying (24mins)
  3.  BC Understanding Your Baby (22mins)

* BC Baby on the Move (26mins) and BC The Importance of Bonding (21mins) are also supplemental to the above videos

*Feedback Sheet

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 – BABY SHOWER 😊 **see time above- 11am-12:30pm